Look beyond borders

Making advertising travel may appear quite simple.

In truth, the exercise is a pretty complex one. Indeed, although economic systems tend to grow towards one another globally, there is far less evidence of attitudinal convergence among consumers. Higher discretionary income gives people more leverage to express themselves, in fact they will do so according to value patterns which are essentially culture-bound.

Assuming universality of human behaviour should therefore never be taken for granted.

Understanding this will give international marketers a formidable weapon to leapfrog competition.

Choosing an advertising network.

International marketers have several options open to them.
Appoint a global, homogenised group and face the risk of delivering bland advertising, ignored on the ground.

Or, leave country managers free to produce (ill matched) messages at the expense of brand consistency. Call it the blinkered option.

What about a third option ?

Interpartners is a formally structured group of entrepreneurs, used to connect with one another to share resources and talent.

Backed by a jointly financed co-ordination unit in Brussels, we are careful not to hamper commitment by cumbersome dictates. Not swayed by local pressures, each partner remains sensitive to his own territory and will make sure that your message will reach local consumers persuasively.

Bland, blinkered or Interpartners.
The choice is yours.