The « OneAgency » concept

Powered by SelectNY (Hamburg) in cooperation with the network partners.

The "One-Agency" service structure pioneers a new model for international accounts to champion global efficiency while preserving local insights, capabilities and service. It really is the best of both worlds, and picks up a trend that global clients are keen to get learnings on. The idea is that a tailor made service structure can be created with one headquarter office surrounded by a network of local expert offices. The expert offices, all part of the Interpartners Network, are chosen based on business needs and growth potential in the individual markets. 

The basic building blocks of the structure are:

1) The headquarter office, in this case SelectNY Hamburg, providing strategic and creative leadership across boarders,

2) The expert offices collaborating with local clients to amplify the work and

3) An international implementation facility managing the logistics of all adaptation work. The structure has been in place for 12 months with an impressive track record of strong account service, outstanding production quality and significant cost savings for the clients.

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A central campaign is implemented across trans-regional clusters in a truly lean and mean context. Rules are adhered on a voluntary basis by the partners, providing highly motivated field support tailored to clients needs.